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Move to Kitsap for affordability, lifestyle, and an easy commute to Seattle.

Posted January 30, 2019

We’ve long known that Kitsap is a special place in the Seattle-area to call home.  The Seattle Times echoed this sentiment in their December 23, 2018 article:


“Kitsap County now a top destination for people moving out of Seattle.” 

According to the article, which was based on the latest U.S. Census data, Kitsap County saw an increase in movers from King County to Kitsap County of 29% since last recorded in 2010.  Why are we seeing this increase?  The article outlines a few key reasons:

1)    Affordable real estate to live and to invest.  

Kitsap County, and McCormick in particular, is very unique in this regard. Where else in the Seattle-area can you find quality built brand new homes starting in the $400s, in a master-planned community with manicured parks and trails, on an award-winning golf course? McCormick is where it’s at if you want luxury family living in the Seattle-area, at a reachable price point.

2)    Commute to Seattle by fast ferry in 30 minutes

25 million people in Washington used ferries to travel and commute in 2018.  As other metropolitan areas including New York and San Francisco have proven, commuting by ferry is an absolutely a realistic and reasonable choice.

kitsap fast ferry

30-Minute Fast Ferry

Bremerton and Southworth, Gateways to Seattle

Now that a fast ferry from Bremerton is up and running, commuters from McCormick can ferry to downtown Seattle in under 30 minutes. In 2020, another 30-minute fast ferry will launch from Southworth to downtown Seattle.  Southworth, like Bremerton, is just minutes from McCormick. From the dock in downtown Seattle you’ll find numerous methods of transportation to your destination. Large employers in South Lake Union run buses from the ferry terminal, you can hop on the light rail, snag a metro bus, or put your feet to work and bike or walk to your office.

If given a choice between a ferry commute, with time to work, rest, enjoy a cup of coffee and take in beautiful views along the way, or a car commute along I5 or I405 filled with stress, delays, and unproductivity, which would you choose?  According to the WSDOT, ferry ridership has grown by 10% in 5 years, so we’d venture a guess more and more people are opting to…let someone else do the driving.


seattle ferry


Kitsap Makes it Happen

One thing that’s special about the Kitsap fast ferries is how quickly they came to be a viable option for commuters to the Emerald City. A KIRO Radio/My article points out that “when voters pass a tax measure for infrastructure improvements, they normally have to wait a long time to see their money at work.” King County voters may think of Sound Transit in this regard. But in Kitsap County?  They passed the measure enabling fast ferry service to Seattle in November of 2016, and had boats launched and serving passengers just 8 months later in July of 2017.

Fast Ferries are a Game Changer

How do we know the fast ferry is a game changer? It’s been proven in other metropolitan areas with great success. New York City’s ferry system carried 3.7 million passengers in its first year as commuters tired of endless traffic and stress opted for a more relaxing alternative to get to work. Ferry ridership in the San Francisco Bay area has also surged to more than 5 million passengers a year. Reflecting the growth in ferry commuters, the Golden Gate Ferry launched a new service from Tiburon in Marin County to San Francisco in 2017 – with a crossing time of 30 minutes. How long again is the Kitsap fast ferry ride to Seattle? Ahh, that’s right, 30 minutes.  

But just how easy is this commute from McCormick to downtown Seattle?  It’s as simple as 3 steps, but a whole lot less heartache than driving.

3 Steps to Seattle


There is one final reason we believe people are moving to Kitsap and specifically McCormick, and that’s because it is just, plain, beautiful. You are minutes from tranquil shorelines and marinas to dock your boat. The lifestyle is relaxed, yet all the amenities, shopping, dining, and healthcare you need to enjoy life are within easy reach. Golf out your back door, or take the kids and grandkids to one of many beautiful parks and playgrounds. Buying your dream house is within reach at McCormick with new homes starting in the $400s. 

It’s easy living here, and we think you’ll love it, too.  So next time you are in traffic, as yourself…

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