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Fastest Internet Speed to Telecommute, Stream Video, Shop Online, or Connect with Family and Friends

McCormick has partnered with Wave Broadband so you can enjoy the fastest internet speed possible at home.  Whether you need it for web surfing, streaming video, online gaming, online shopping, video conferencing family and friends, or to work from home and telecommute, Wave’s fast fiber internet service will accommodate your needs.

How does having Fast Fiber Internet help me work from home?

Fast Fiber allows you to telecommute or telework efficiently from home at McCormick, spend less time in stressful traffic, and enjoy more time with your family and friends.   As we are asked to work from home and shop from home where able to maintain social distance and support our fight against COVID-19, fast fiber internet helps make this possible.  We also offer deep gratitude to doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery store workers, and others who aren’t able to work remote during this time.

Do people really telecommute or telework in the Seattle area?

With skyrocketing population growth, increased traffic, limited office space, and current COVID-19 health concerns, more and more employers are offering telework as an option. In fact, a Seattle Times article highlights a 2019 Commute Seattle survey which found that 16,815 people, or 5.7% of the entire 295,000 (Seattle) employee population, worked from home last fall, even before COVID-19 health concerns arose.

The Times article goes on to share that Teleworking was the fastest growing mode of getting to work (Seattle Times, 2019).  Specifically, Commute Seattle’s 2019 report found that from 2010 to 2019, Telecommuting as a method to get to work grew by 207%, far surpassing growth among other commuting modes.

Seattle area telecommuting growth 2019

How can I learn more about WAVE Fast Fiber Internet available at McCormick?

For quick service call our McCormick WAVE representative, Dan Saikkonen, direct at 360-979-8635 or email

Wave Broadband
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