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Posted November 5, 2020

Join us in this new video series that takes you on an adventure to explore all that McCormick has to offer. Lindsey and Ella are part of our team at McCormick and will take you on a quick exploration every other week to discover a fun new location at McCormick.

NEW: Our latest video takes Ella and Lindsey on McCormick’s scenic trails that surround the community. There is over 7 miles of walking trails to chose from and is the best activity at McCormick while enjoying some fresh air and the natural beauty of our PNW paradise. Click Here or Below to watch!

NEW: Have you been to Gig Harbor? Join us as we adventure around downtown Gig Harbor and see the adorable fishing town that’s perfect for a daytrip with the family and friends. Click Here or below to Watch!

Our first video explores McCormick’s award-winning golf course as Lindsey takes on Bjorn, the general manager of McCormick Woods Golf Club, on the 10th hole of the course. The golf course is the centerpiece of McCormick’s community and enhances the natural beauty of our PNW paradise. Click below to watch the fight for the W between the two amazing golfers. Click Here or below to watch!

If pickleball is something you have been wanting to get into, so have we! Watch our second episode of Explore McCormick as we head to the courts to attempt a game at pickleball. If you can tell, it might be our first time playing but this is what makes McCormick so wonderful, the endless opportunities to try new things! Click Here or below to watch!

If you have not toured Garrette’s Custom Homes model at McCormick, well you are in luck! Join us as Melina, the sales agent of Garrette Custom Homes gives us a private tour of the model home in Dunmore at McCormick for our third episode! Click Here or below to watch!

From showcasing new trends in home designs, to the wide variety of amenities our residents love to use, and Port Orchard’s hidden gems, Lindsey and Ella are taking you on a fun journey to seek the best of McCormick! Kitsap is a rare place to live that provides you with the best of everything. You cannot beat living in the Pacific Northwest and McCormick is a paradise that we want to share with everyone.

This series will show you the breathtaking trails and hikes in Port Orchard, spend some time on the Puget Sound and explore the wonderful beaches, find the best places to go downtown, and learn new special place and activities around McCormick.

Follow us on our journey around McCormick and hopefully discover a new hidden gem or new way of living at McCormick. Exploring McCormick will show you a lifestyle destination where people love to live.

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