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McCormick Woods Golf Tips

Posted July 21, 2021

We met up with one of the Teaching Professionals at McCormick Woods Golf Club for a quick tip on chip shots. See how this new trick can change your golf game!

What you will need is a wedge, a few golf balls, a place to chip (hint: McCormick Woods Golf Club has a massive chipping green just on the other side of the golf shop!), and an alignment stick (a yard stick would work as well).

McCormick Woods Golf Club

You will first place your golf balls in an area that you want to chip from and find a target out in front of you. Take your alignment or yard stick and place it on your left side (right side if you are left handed) and have it connect with the golf club, like how Kyle does it in the video.

Placing the stick here will teach your body to rotate verses you slapping your hands at the ball. And just like Kyle mentions in the video, use the same stroke you use with putting to hit the shot. Try a few like that, and then a few without to see your accuracy increase!

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