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Mary’s Place Fundraiser

Posted May 17, 2021

Inspired by the generosity of the residents at McCormick, we wanted to continue this wave of kindness by partnering with Mary’s Place to make sure no one’s child should sleep outside.

On a sunny weekend in March, some young residents at McCormick got an idea to go door to door in their neighborhood asking for donations. The neighbors were told the donations were going to kids in need and that was all the information residents got before donating but trusted the little kids. Later that day, the young fundraiser’s parents saw a bundle of cash and learned that their kids were asking for money around the neighborhood. After learning the whole story, the parents got the kids go back to the neighbors to explain the reason they wanted to raise money and said sorry and thank you.

The kids raised $120, and the parents matched that donation and donated it to Mary’s Place and a Parkinson’s Disease foundation. Komo News heard of this event and aired it hilarious story a few days later.

McCormick was so inspired by the resident’s generosity we partnered with Mary’s Place to continue this wave of kindness and build on this fundraiser. Every donation was matched by McCormick and the whole community came together to raise a total of $4,045 with the help of Zetterberg Custom Homes, MainVue Homes, and Tri Pointe Homes as contributors. After Amazon matched our donations, our number came to be $8,090 as the total amount money which all went to helping families who are facing homelessness.

Watch the video of Lindsey and Ella, two employees who are part of the team at McCormick, interview the young kid who started this idea. Giving to those in need is always important, especially during this time when the impact of COVID-19 has been extremely felt in many families in the greater Seattle area.

Mary’s Place is always accepting donations and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about this nonprofit organization mission to provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness, check out their website to discover more.

A home is so many special things and we need to make sure everyone has a place they can call home.

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