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Home Organization Tips

Posted January 26, 2023

Being a homeowner can be a difficult task. You own so many possessions and responsibilities throughout the day that keeping your house in order can be back-breaking. At McCormick, we have simple solutions to get your home sorted in no time! Follow us through the A-390 floorplan by Tri Pointe Homes for four easy organization tips to help you maintain the clutter in your household.

Tip #1: Have Designated Areas for All Possessions

One of the easiest ways to become cluttered is by placing objects on surfaces without the apparent intention of where they should go. The living room being the hub for all social activity, needs to have preselected places for all objects for it to look presentable to guests. You can do this by having a designated game cabinet where the kids can store their toys or family games. Incorporating a small cupboard behind the couch for blankets, extra pillows, and other decorations can help you gain more room around the living room for less mess and more cabinetry to match your home. Another small way to organize your living room can be taming the cords by the tv that make it too distracting to pay attention to the show you are watching.

Tip #2: Storage Containers are your Friend

Everyone strives for a clean kitchen, but clean and organized are two different things. Behind every closed cabinet or pantry door can be an unorganized mess of plastic containers, bags of food, or even spices. The simplest way to organize your kitchen is by using storage containers. Storage containers help you by grouping all your items together instead of them sprawling out once you shut the door. Various helpful products can keep your Tupperware in line by keeping the lids in a separate holding space from the containers. You can get different kinds of organizers for your messy silverware drawer and even a spice rack to organize all your favorite spices! However you want to manage your kitchen space by incorporating storage containers, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need when entertaining guests or making dinner for loved ones.

Tip #3: Make use of unused space

Bedrooms are the trickiest room in our house to keep organized. It’s where we keep all our clothes, our favorite personal belongings and where we feel the most relaxed. But when our rooms are disorganized, it’s hard to destress after a hard day. Our best suggestions for keeping your bedroom organized are simple: use under-the-bed storage, and keep a one-in-one-out rule for your closet.

We have all accumulated a variety of clothing, trinkets, and shoes over the years. You might not have noticed some until you started thinking about organizing. By utilizing the space under your bed, you can store your collection of shoes and more oversized items that make your closet more cluttered. The under-the-bed storage method keeps your items hidden in plain sight but within easy reach. When looking at our closets, we don’t realize how much clothes we have until it’s time for the yearly closet cleanout. The one-in-one-out rule is simple – you must take one item out for every item of clothing you purchase. This way you keep your wardrobe updated with new clothes that fit while removing clothing you thought you would wear but haven’t in a long time.

Tip #4: Incorporate Shelving units

At-home gyms are notorious for having various miscellaneous workout items strewn all over the room, with no place to store them. Not only is this a hazard to you and your loved ones who use the at-home gym, but it also looks messy from the point of view of the outside guests. Adding shelving units or floating shelves can help alleviate the mess of miscellaneous items by having a physical place to store them. If you have yoga mats or more minor things that need to be stored away, we suggest baskets around the room for easy access when you need to use them. Having good storage in your at-home gym also helps with upkeeping the longevity of those items.

However you want to organize your household, we hope that these four tips from McCormick helped give you some insight into the best ways to start organizing. Come check out the A-390 floorplan in person during McCormick’s Model Home Tour Event on February 18th. When you RSVP, you can win a free 18-hole round of golf at the McCormick Woods Golf Course and a dinner at the McCormick Woods Clubhouse.

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