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Fall Activities at McCormick

Posted September 9, 2019

McCormick not only presents some of the best summer activities but some pretty great fall ones as well. With the changing weather comes beautiful sunsets, new school years, and for some, the best part of the season: Football!

With being close to what counts, McCormick is the perfect place for these fall activities:

Sunset walks on the trails

big pond trail

With miles of trails surrounded by massive trees, one of the most perfect times to enjoy a walk is sunset. The PNW sky can give vibrant colors that make it impossible not to love this time of year. It is also a great chance to see al the changing colors of the leaves as they FALL around you.

Football season is back!

Seahawks, Huskies, and Cougs! Whatever your team is, the clubhouse provides the perfect fall location to relax and watch the games. Perfect to watch more wins from the Hawks like Sunday night’s game against the Bengals!

Perfect your golf game for the winter

Just because fall has hit does not mean that the time to golf is done. Reserve your tee time just a bit earlier if you are an afternoon golfer and you will still chase the sun and finish before dark. It will help keep your game alive when the winter months hit!

Find your favorite coffee shop in Port Orchard

The cooler days means that it’s time to switch back from iced coffee to hot and enjoy a bundled stroll around downtown Port Orchard with your favorite coffee drink in hand. Get in the fall spirit and test out something pumpkin flavored!

Whatever the fall activity, McCormick has got you covered. Being in such a great location everything is very easily accessible. It makes fall in Washington that much better! Make sure to tag us on social media (@liveatmccormick) with your fall activities.

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