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Clubs — McCormick’s Popular Gathering Places

Posted March 27, 2018

Clubs — McCormick’s popular gathering places

When you live in McCormick, it’s easy to make new friends and be a social butterfly. With so many clubs based right here in the neighborhood, there’s something to do every week.

Are you a gardener? You’ll find ideas and inspiration as you take field trips and listen to industry speakers through the Garden Club.

Do you love bridge? Head to the Bridge Club.

Are you a bookworm? You’ll be right at home with the Reading Club.

Is knitting more your style? Come share your completed projects and work on new ones with the Knitting Club.

Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your neighbors, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine and some hors d’oeuvres? You can do that too — at the Adult Social Club.

Of course, life in McCormick wouldn’t be complete without golf, since the McCormick Woods Golf Course is our star attraction. Whatever age or skill level you are, if you like teeing around — perhaps even showing off your competitive spirit now and then — the men’s, ladies’ and junior golf clubs welcome you to join in. You’ll not only share your passion for golf but make long-lasting friendships too. After sharing a round a golf meet up with friends at the Club House Restaurant and Bar for dinner and some happy hour drinks.

Making friends is what all the community clubs are about. Just Ask Marge Underwood. Once a month on every second Friday, she and a group of seven other women take turns hosting the Ladies Bridge Club at their homes. There’s dessert — and lots of talking. “We play for fun and we socialize,” she says. “It’s a social place for people who like to play bridge and get together.”

The Ladies Knitting Club is another social occasion. While the women get together to knit or crochet projects, trade yarn and share ideas about their hobby, they spend much of their time socializing. “Mainly this is about getting together,” says Bonnie Skykes, who started the club over a year ago. “We have something in common that we can talk about, but we also talk about other things, like our family, plans, great restaurants.

Bonnie started the club as a way of meeting people when she first moved to McCormick from Pennsylvania. She and her husband moved to the Puget Sound area to be closer to their daughter, who lives in Burien. She loves being in a community with many other friends. “There’s a lot of privacy and it’s quiet,” she says. She also loves knowing many of her neighbors. The knitting group itself has about 20 regulars. Many of them belong to several clubs, and they also do things together outside of those activities. “I’ve got to know some of the women pretty well,” Bonnie says. “And I’ve made new friends.”

Ready to make new friends in your new McCormick community? Give one of the many clubs a try — and make sure to check out our monthly magazine for more things to do and articles about your neighbors.




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