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Why Homeowners Love Living in McCormick

Posted May 12, 2018

Living Close To What Counts 

The wait is over – the passenger Fast Ferry to Seattle is now operating later runs during the week and Saturday routes through the summer making it even easier to explore the Seattle area’s unique mix of culture and outdoor recreation. So make sure to give your out-of-town visiting friends and family a taste of Seattle’s unique culture. Seattle is an exciting urban city surrounded by unmatched natural beauty. Buying a home near Puget Sound can lead to a balanced life of physical activity, culture, fine dining and more.

fast ferry

Homeowners love living in McCormick because it’s truly  Close To What Counts. Those of us who’ve lived on the Kitsap Peninsula for a while are familiar with the local saying that Seattle is only a ferry ride away. We don’t make it a secret that we have the best of two worlds — on one hand, a quieter pace and a beautiful tranquil natural setting; on the other, access to a world-class city just across the water! We at McCormick are especially excited that now, you can get to Seattle from Bremerton on the foot ferry in 30 minutes. That means you can be on the other side of the water in less than an hour from your McCormick home. If you’re going to the Emerald City for recreation, you don’t really need your car anyway — and besides, who wants to worry about parking in downtown Seattle? We’ve come up with some ideas for must-see destinations to get you started.

Seattle Needle: When someone thinks of Seattle, this iconic landmark is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Seattle Needle is a destination you have to visit at least once. The view from the Observation Deck — with Mount Rainier as a backdrop to skyscrapers and the water melting into the horizon — is truly one-of-a-kind.

space needle

Pike Place Market: Not far behind the Needle in its iconic status, Pike Place Market is the perfect place to stock up on souvenirs while indulging in locally produced foods. The market does get busy during the summer, so if you prefer less elbowing, visit during the week.

Pike Place could take a good part of the day to explore but here are a few of our favorite highlights:

·      The Fish Market fishmongers, who are famous in their own right

·      The shops tucked into the many nooks and crannies of the three floors beneath the main arcade

·      The many “hole-in-the-wall” ethnic diners right across the street (don’t miss Piroshky-Piroshky, a busy Russian bakery with an extensive menu or sweet and savory deliciousness; Ellenos, where you’ll find to-die-for Greek yogurt; and Le Panier, if you’re in the mood for a sweet taste of Paris)

pike place market seattle

·      Pike Place Starbucks — this is where it all started, and some of the original décor lives on

·      Marketplace Plaza, which looks out over Elliott Bay and has beautiful views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains

The Underground Tour: Take a peek at what was once Pioneer Square before a fire decimated many of the wood buildings in 1889. The city rebuilt — on top of the old shops — and the tour takes you under today’s streets for a scroll through a piece of preserved history.

Pacific Science Center: Another destination that can take an entire day to explore, the Pacific Science Center is a fascinating place for any age. Kids will love the hands-on STEM activities while adults will learn interesting facts from the various exhibits. There’s also a planetarium, an IMAX theater, a new virtual reality experience (for a limited time), a beautiful tropical butterfly room, living exhibits and much more.

Museum of Pop Culture: Once known as the EMP (Experience Music Project), this building shows off its personality as soon as you approach — its architecture is definitely a statement. Inside, you can get up close and personal with both Seattle and American culture. Some of the fun items that have been on display at MoPOP include props from shows and movies like “Star Trek,” “Men in Black” and “Battlestar Galactica”; artifacts that have belonged to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain; and odds and ends like an original manuscript page from “Game of Thrones.”

Alki Beach: Take the West Seattle water taxi from downtown to the less crowded West Seattle area. The Alki Beach is a popular spot where locals like to hang out and even celebrate special occasions like weddings. History buffs will especially appreciate this landmark, as Alki Beach is where the first Seattle white settlers arrived.

alki beach

Fremont: As the saying goes, Fremont marches to its own drumbeat — after all, it is the self-proclaimed “center of the universe.” This quirky neighborhood can be reached by bus from downtown, and it’s a fun trip if you want to see some authentic Seattle culture.

Love selfies? Be sure to pay a visit to the Fremont Troll, a giant under bridge sculpture that’s made a cameo on the Silver Screen and can still be occasionally seen as a Chia Pet. Other oddities you’ll find in Fremont include a Lenin statue, a dinosaur topiary and a dismantled Cold War rocket.

Seattle has some of the best teams in sports. Grab the kids or grandchildren, catch the Fast Ferry and take in a Mariners baseball game, Sounders soccer game or even the Seahawks if you’re lucky enough to snag tickets.

Seattle, as we all know, brought the world grunge music, Jimi Hendrix and electric bass guitars — but did you know that in more modern times, we can also thank Seattle for Pictionary, the wildly popular card game Magic: The Gathering and even the infamous “I Can Has Cheeseburger?” cat meme? You never know what you’ll learn as you make your way around the city’s neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for an evening out, Seattle also brings you live theater and music performances, everything from live jazz and comedy to ballet and major pop-star concerts. The Washington State Ferries schedule accommodates later travel — take your car and you can catch a boat from Seattle as late as at 12:50 a.m. By then, you’ll certainly be ready to get back to McCormick and relax away from the city buzz but still be Close To What Counts.

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